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Nov 25, 2009 7:00pm EST
. also stanley greenberg and alex castellanos, part of a panel assessing the obama presidency. and from the jfk library and museum, and nick burns and leslie on terrorism and the clear weapons. at five, hip-hop artist and actor ludicrous on youth mentoring. and later. thanksgiving day on c-span. >> on this vote, the are 60, denise r. 39, three fifths of the senators having voted in the affirmative, the notion is agreed to. without though, the senate visit health care to the floor. starting monday into december, follow the entire debate and how the bill would affect access to medical care. the public option, taxes, abortion, and medicare. life here on c-span 2, the only network that brings you the senate gabble to gavel. >> the oil minister says now is not the time for opec to increase production because the global economy is still weak. he spoke at an event hosted by the u.s. energy association. this is almost 50 minute. >> i'm very worthington executive director of the united date energy association and it's my pleasure to welcome you to our newsmaker with dr. lukman, the minister petr
Nov 25, 2009 6:53pm EST
be stronger as a society. >> how can your agency work as the divide between the gop and president obama grows? >> first of all, i think we aught to be very careful about words. war has lots of implications. that are truly wrong in that setting. we had cultural differences. we should be proud of those differences that you have people of different backgrounds, you have people of different thoughts. and the idea of having everyone of one culture, one way of thinking, would not be a healthy society. and so it's great that we have diversity of cultures. but we shouldn't be thinking in terms of war. we should be thinking in terms of respecting different -- trying to bring out the best in everybody. by favorite approach to this is one of the most remarkable people in our history. thomas jefferson who once talked about the various religions of the world. and he said what matters isn't so much where they differ. but where they commonalities. i consider that to be one the profoundist thoughts going. and he tried to write them up. this is a man who was a politician. and he was also a engineer. he would.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2